Buying a PS5 in Norway In 2024: Complete Guide


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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a hot commodity not just globally but also in Norway. With its advanced graphics, faster loading times, and a wide array of gaming titles, it’s no wonder many residents and newcomers in Norway want to get their hands on this console. Whether you’re an avid gamer or looking for versatile home entertainment, the PS5 offers something for everyone.

The process of buying a PS5 in Norway can be slightly different than what you might be accustomed to, especially given the language barriers, payment options, and local retailer policies. This article aims to guide you through the entire process, focusing on key aspects such as where to buy, pricing, and availability.

Key Takeaways

  • PS5s can be purchased from a variety of Norwegian retailers, both online and in physical stores.
  • Availability can be limited, so keeping an eye on restocking schedules and alerts is crucial.
  • Payment options vary by retailer and may include credit cards, cash, and mobile payment services.
  • Compatibility concerns in Norway primarily revolve around electrical requirements and game region codes.
  • A range of additional accessories can enhance your gaming experience but come at varying costs.
  • The PS5’s interface can be set to multiple languages, including English.

Where to Buy a PS5 in Norway

Finding the right place to buy a PS5 in Norway can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you’re not familiar with the local market. Fortunately, there are various options, both online and offline, that offer different benefits.

Authorized Retailers

Norwegian electronics stores such as Elkjøp, Power, and Komplett are some of the authorized retailers where you can buy a new PS5 console. These stores often have physical locations you can visit, making it easier to seek help or return the product if needed.

Online Stores

If you prefer shopping online, many Norwegian websites offer the PS5. Apart from the online platforms of the above-mentioned authorized retailers, you can also check out general online marketplaces like Just ensure that you’re buying from a reputable seller if you choose a platform that includes multiple independent sellers.

Second-hand Marketplaces

Buying a second-hand PS5 is another option, but it comes with its own set of risks and challenges. Websites like and Facebook Marketplace are popular platforms for second-hand transactions. Always check the seller’s ratings and reviews, and if possible, meet in person to verify the condition of the console before making the purchase.

Each of these options has its pros and cons:

Store OptionProsCons
Authorized RetailersWarranty, new condition, customer serviceGenerally higher prices, availability issues
Online StoresConvenience, sometimes lower pricesShipping costs, potential for scams
Second-hand MarketplacesLower prices, immediate availabilityNo warranty, potential for scams, condition not guaranteed

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Price Overview

buying a ps5 in norway

When it comes to purchasing a PS5 in Norway, understanding the price structure is crucial. This involves more than just looking at the retail price; there are additional costs and currency exchange considerations to account for.

Average Retail Price

As of now, the average retail price for a PS5 in Norway can range from 4,990 to 5,990 Norwegian Kroner (NOK) depending on the bundle or edition you choose. The standard edition is generally priced around 5,490 NOK, while the Digital Edition is slightly cheaper, usually around 4,990 NOK.

Extra Costs

Beyond the price of the console itself, there are extra costs to be aware of:

Import Taxes: If you’re considering purchasing from a non-Norwegian online retailer, import taxes may apply.

Shipping Costs: Even within Norway, some online stores may charge for shipping, especially if you reside in remote areas.

Accessories: Items like extra controllers, charging docks, or headphones are not typically included in the console package and will incur additional costs.

Currency Exchange Considerations

If you’re an expatriate or long-term tourist, be aware that currency exchange rates can significantly affect the final price you pay for your PS5. Depending on your home currency, the Norwegian Kroner’s fluctuating value can make the console either more or less expensive. It’s advisable to monitor exchange rates and possibly consult your bank about currency conversion fees.

Understanding Norwegian Retailer Policies

Navigating the purchase of a high-value item like a PS5 in a foreign country can be daunting. It becomes especially important to understand the local retailer policies regarding warranty, returns, and refunds. This knowledge not only protects your purchase but can also save you from future headaches.


In Norway, consumer electronics like the PS5 generally come with a two-year warranty when purchased from authorized retailers. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and hardware malfunctions but not issues arising from improper use. Ensure that you keep your purchase receipts and any warranty documents safe for any future claims.

Return and Refund Policies

Norwegian consumer law is quite strong and generally favors the customer. When purchasing from an authorized retailer, you usually have a 14-day return period where you can return the product for a full refund if it’s unused and in its original packaging. Some stores might even offer extended return periods, particularly during holiday seasons.

However, this policy can vary when purchasing from second-hand marketplaces or international online stores. Always read the return and refund policy carefully when shopping from these platforms.

Tips for a Smooth Transaction

  • Check Language Options: While most retailer websites and documents have English versions, always ensure that you understand all terms before making a purchase.
  • Inquire About In-Store Policies: If buying from a physical store, don’t hesitate to ask the staff about their specific return and refund policies.
  • Document Your Purchase: Always keep a copy of your purchase receipt, warranty documentation, and any correspondence with the seller for future reference.

PS5 Availability and Stock Issues

One of the most challenging aspects of acquiring a PS5, not just in Norway but globally, has been the issue of availability. Due to high demand and limited supply, PS5 consoles often go out of stock quickly. Here’s what you need to know about navigating these challenges in Norway.

Typical Restocking Times

Norwegian retailers usually restock on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, but this isn’t a strict rule and varies by store. Stores like Elkjøp and Komplett occasionally announce restocking dates on their social media channels or through newsletters.

Following Retailer Announcements for Stock Updates

To improve your chances of securing a PS5, it’s advisable to:

Sign up for Newsletters: Many retailers offer the option to sign up for newsletters that notify subscribers about restocks.

Follow on Social Media: Retailers often announce restocking dates and times on their social media platforms, so make sure you’re following them for the latest updates.

Join Online Communities: Local gaming forums and social media groups can be good resources for tip-offs about upcoming restocks. Members often share information about which stores have available stock.

Considerations When Facing Stock Issues

If you find that availability is an ongoing issue, you might want to consider:

Pre-Orders: Some retailers offer pre-orders when they anticipate receiving new stock. Keep in mind that even pre-orders can sell out quickly.

Bundle Offers: Retailers sometimes offer bundle deals, which may be easier to find in stock compared to standalone consoles. However, these bundles often include additional items like games or accessories and are generally more expensive.

Payment Options When Buying a PS5 in Norway

Ensuring that you have a viable payment method is another crucial step in buying a PS5 in Norway. Different retailers offer various payment options, and understanding these can help you plan your purchase more effectively.

Payment MethodProsCons
Credit CardsWidely accepted, convenientPossible international fees
CashDirect, no additional feesRisky to carry large amounts
Mobile PaymentFast and increasingly popular in NorwayMay require a Norwegian bank account and number
Gift CardsGood for gifts, no direct credit card useMust be purchased in advance, limited to one retailer

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted in Norway, both online and in physical stores. Visa and MasterCard are the most commonly accepted, but many retailers also take American Express and other international cards. Before making a large purchase like a PS5, it’s a good idea to inform your credit card provider to prevent any transaction blocks due to sudden large expenditures.


While it’s less common to pay for high-value items like a PS5 with cash, it is possible. If you’re buying from a physical store and prefer to use cash, make sure to check in advance whether this payment method is accepted. Keep in mind that carrying large amounts of cash comes with its own risks.

Mobile Payment Services

Norway is increasingly becoming a cashless society, and mobile payment options like Vipps are commonly used. However, as a foreigner, you might encounter hurdles in setting up a Norwegian mobile payment service, which often requires a Norwegian bank account and phone number.

Gift Cards and Store Credit

Some retailers offer the option to purchase gift cards, which can then be used to buy a PS5. This could be a good option if you’re gifted a store credit or prefer not to use your credit card directly.

Tips for a Smooth Transaction

  • Check for Additional Fees: Some payment methods, especially international credit cards, may incur additional transaction fees.
  • Currency Exchange Rates: If your account is in a foreign currency, remember that exchange rates and bank charges can affect the final amount debited from your account.
  • Confirm Payment Security: Particularly when buying online, ensure the website has a secure payment gateway. Look for the padlock symbol in the address bar and verify that the website starts with ‘https’.

Regional Compatibility

When buying a PS5 in Norway, it’s important to consider regional compatibility issues that could affect your gaming or entertainment experience. These considerations include electrical requirements and game region codes, among other things.

Electrical Requirements

Norway uses a 230V, 50Hz electrical system with Type F power sockets. Make sure that the PS5’s power supply is compatible with this voltage and frequency. Most modern PS5 consoles have a universal power supply that can handle a range of voltages, but it’s always good to double-check.

Game Region Codes

Fortunately, the PS5 is region-free when it comes to playing physical games, meaning you can play games purchased anywhere in the world. However, downloadable content (DLC) and digital games are often region-locked. Here’s what to keep in mind:

PSN Accounts: Your PlayStation Network (PSN) account is tied to a specific region. While the console itself isn’t region-locked, the account is. Make sure to set your account to the region corresponding to where you’ll be buying most of your digital content.

Currency for Digital Purchases: The currency for in-game and PSN store purchases will be tied to the region of your PSN account.

Language Compatibility

While this isn’t a ‘regional compatibility’ issue in the traditional sense, it’s worth noting that the PS5 supports multiple language settings. If you’re not comfortable navigating the system in Norwegian, you can easily switch the interface language to English or other languages.

Additional Accessories

A PS5 console alone offers a robust gaming and entertainment experience, but additional accessories can significantly enhance your enjoyment. From extra controllers to high-quality headphones, there are various add-ons to consider when making your purchase in Norway.

Essential Accessories to Consider

Extra Controllers: Whether you’re planning on multiplayer gaming or just need a backup, an extra controller is almost a must-have. The DualSense wireless controller is the PS5’s native controller and is widely available.

Charging Dock: A charging station can make it more convenient to keep your controllers charged and ready for use.

Headphones: For immersive gaming, a good pair of headphones can make a significant difference. Official PS5 headphones are available, but most standard gaming headphones will also work.

External Storage: With modern games taking up significant disk space, an external SSD or HDD can be a practical addition.

Where to Purchase Them

Accessories can usually be purchased from the same retailers that sell the PS5 console. These include:

Authorized Retailers: Stores like Elkjøp, Power, and Komplett often offer accessories alongside the consoles. They may even offer bundle deals that include them.

Online Stores: Online platforms, including general marketplaces like, also provide a wide range of PS5 accessories.

Specialized Gaming Stores: In some Norwegian cities, you might find stores that specialize in gaming equipment. These stores often have a wide range of accessories to choose from.

Pricing for Accessories

Controllers: Prices for an extra DualSense wireless controller can range between 700 to 900 NOK.

Charging Dock: A dedicated charging station may cost around 300 to 500 NOK.

Headphones: Prices can vary significantly, starting at around 300 NOK for basic models and going up to 2,000 NOK or more for high-end options.

External Storage: Depending on the capacity and type, external storage solutions can range from 800 to several thousand NOK.

Language Settings

Navigating your new PS5 in a language you’re comfortable with is essential for an enjoyable gaming experience. Thankfully, the PS5 is designed to be user-friendly and offers multiple language settings to cater to its global audience, including those in Norway who might not speak Norwegian fluently.

Setting Up Language During Initial Setup

Upon booting your PS5 for the first time, you’ll be prompted to choose a language for the system interface. The options are quite diverse, ranging from English and Norwegian to various other languages. This setting will define the language used in the system menus, notifications, and most pre-installed apps.

Changing Language Settings

If you need to change the language setting after the initial setup, it’s simple to do:

  • Go to the PS5 Home screen.
  • Navigate to ‘Settings’ (represented by the gear icon).
  • Choose ‘System.’
  • Select ‘Language.’
  • From here, you can adjust the system language as well as the input language for the keyboard.

Game Language

It’s worth noting that the language in individual games is typically determined by the game’s own settings and not the system’s language. Most games offer a range of languages, and you can usually select your preference either upon first launching the game or within the game’s own settings menu.

Language in Online Stores and Services

The language for the PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Store will generally align with the region of your PSN account. This might not always be changeable, so it’s essential to consider the language when setting up your account, especially if you intend to make digital purchases or use online services.

Setting Up Your PS5 in Norway

Once you’ve successfully purchased your PS5 and any additional accessories, the next step is the setup process. Setting up your PS5 in Norway involves a few key steps to ensure that you can start gaming or streaming content with minimal hassle.

Physical Setup

  1. Unbox Carefully: Remove all components from the box, including the PS5 console, controller, power cable, HDMI cable, and any other accessories.
  2. Plug In: Connect the power cable to the PS5 and a power outlet. Make sure the voltage and frequency match Norway’s standard electrical system (230V, 50Hz).
  3. HDMI Connection: Connect the HDMI cable from the PS5 to your TV or monitor. Make sure you’re using an HDMI 2.1 cable and port for the best performance.
  4. Internet Connection: To take full advantage of the PS5’s features, you’ll need an internet connection. You can either use a wired Ethernet connection or set up a Wi-Fi network during the initial system setup.

Initial Software Setup

Once the physical components are connected, turn on the PS5 and your TV or monitor. You’ll be guided through the initial setup process, which includes:

  • Selecting the system language
  • Connecting to the internet
  • Logging in or creating a PlayStation Network (PSN) account
  • Updating the system software, if necessary

Additional Considerations

Regional Settings: Make sure to set your PS5 to the correct time zone (Central European Time for Norway).

Parental Controls: If the PS5 will be used by young gamers, you might want to configure parental controls during setup.

Download Essential Apps: The PlayStation Store offers various apps like Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube that you might want to download to enhance your entertainment experience.

Tips for a Smooth Setup Experience

  • High-Speed Internet: A high-speed internet connection will make updates and game downloads much quicker.
  • Software Updates: Ensure you update your PS5’s system software to the latest version for enhanced performance and security features.
  • Read Manuals: While the PS5 is generally user-friendly, reading any included instruction manuals or online guides can help clarify any uncertainties you might have during the setup process.


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