Health & Wellness

Living in a new country brings with it the need to understand and navigate its healthcare system. With the Health & Wellness section of NorwayExpat, we provide you with a comprehensive guide to maintaining your health and well-being in Norway.

In this category, we discuss important aspects of healthcare in Norway, including the health insurance system and the availability of private hospitals. Additionally, we shed light on unique wellness products available in the country, such as CBD gummies.

Our guides also provide practical information on how to find pharmacies in Norway and understand their operating hours during special occasions like Christmas and New Year. This is to ensure you have access to medical supplies whenever you need them.

For those keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, our articles also delve into the various outdoor activities that Norway offers, like hiking, camping, and fishing.

The Health & Wellness section of NorwayExpat is designed to help you lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle during your stay in Norway. From healthcare to wellness practices, our guides are a valuable resource for a fulfilling and healthy life in Norway. Start exploring today for a better well-being in this beautiful Nordic country.