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Our team at NorwayExpat.com is a collective of dedicated professionals with an inherent passion for Norway. Our knowledge spans many areas, including but not limited to Norwegian history, business practices, education system, and lifestyle. We harness this expertise to facilitate smooth transitions for expats and enrich travelers’ experiences in this stunning Nordic country.

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Meet our team


Lead Financial Guide

We proudly introduce Tobias, our reliable Lead Financial Guide at NorwayExpat.com. With roots in Oslo and a profound understanding of Norway’s financial landscape, Tobias is committed to guiding expatriates and travelers through the intricacies of managing finances in this beautiful country.

Tobias started his journey in finance with a degree in Economics from a top Norwegian university, after which he garnered valuable experience working in various financial institutions across Norway. Over the years, he realized his passion for helping expatriates understand and navigate the unique financial terrain of his home country.

Tobias simplifies complex financial concepts in his role, providing clear, actionable advice. Whether you’re wondering how to open a bank account, need guidance on tax regulations, or want to know the best practices for budgeting in Norway, Tobias has you covered.

Tobias is dedicated to providing up-to-date, accurate information. He continually stays informed about Norway’s latest financial trends and policies, ensuring you get the best, most relevant advice.

When he isn’t working, Tobias can enjoy Norway’s stunning outdoors, exploring the vast fjords or trying out new recipes in his kitchen. Tobias’s financial expertise, passion for helping others, and love for Norway make him invaluable to the NorwayExpat.com team.


Relocation Expert

Next up in our team is Sofia, our dedicated Relocation Expert. A native of Trondheim, Sofia has an intimate understanding of Norwegian culture, customs, and lifestyle, which she applies in her work to provide you with the best possible relocation advice.

With a degree in International Relations and significant experience helping international employees relocate to Norway, Sofia brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. She is adept at handling the practicalities of moving to Norway, from dealing with administrative formalities to finding the perfect neighborhood to call home.

Sofia’s approach is personal and empathetic. She knows that every expat’s situation is different and is committed to providing advice tailored to individual needs. Whether you need help understanding the intricacies of the Norwegian housing market, tips for integrating into Norwegian society, or guidance on overcoming language barriers, Sofia is here to help.

In her free time, Sofia can be found exploring Trondheim’s historical sites, enjoying local music festivals, or hiking in the stunning Norwegian wilderness. Sofia’s deep knowledge of Norway, passion for helping others, and dedication to her work make her a vital part of the NorwayExpat.com team.


Lifestyle Coordinator

Rounding out our team is Peter, our passionate Lifestyle Coordinator. Hailing from the vibrant city of Bergen, Peter is a living encyclopedia of the Norwegian lifestyle, enriching our platform with captivating insights into Norway’s vibrant culture and traditions.

Peter studied Cultural Studies in university and has lived across Norway, experiencing the country’s diverse lifestyle offerings firsthand. His expertise is wide-ranging, from the northern lights of Tromsø to the bustling streets of Oslo, from the traditional Viking festivals to the contemporary music scene.

As a Lifestyle Coordinator, Peter’s mission is to help you fully immerse yourself in the Norwegian lifestyle. His insightful guides provide an insider’s look into Norway’s culture, traditions, gastronomy, and beyond, helping you live in Norway and feel a part of its vibrant society.

Peter is not just an information source; he is a storyteller. His personal anecdotes and deep cultural insights bring Norway to life for our readers. Whether you’re looking to experience the Norwegian cuisine, understand local customs, or find the best places to relax and unwind, Peter is your ultimate guide.

When he isn’t busy writing, Peter can explore Bergen’s beautiful surroundings, hike in the fjords, or taste the latest offerings of the local breweries. Peter’s love for life, passion for sharing Norwegian culture, and commitment to enhancing your Norwegian experience make him invaluable to the NorwayExpat.com team.