Family & Parenting

Navigate family life and parenting in Norway with ease with NorwayExpat. Our aim is to provide you with the resources you need to understand and fully embrace the family-friendly practices and benefits available in this Nordic country.

In this category, we delve into various topics that are essential to families and parents living in Norway. Our articles range from understanding family reunification laws to exploring childcare options such as daycare services.

If you’re considering starting a family in Norway, our comprehensive guides on maternity and parental leave benefits are invaluable resources to help you plan this exciting phase of your life.

For parents with school-aged children, we offer insights into the Norwegian educational system, including primary and international schools, to ensure your children get the best education.

Our Family & Parenting section aims to support you with the knowledge and resources needed to thrive as a family in Norway. From new parents to growing families, or those planning to start a family in this country, our guides provide the assistance you need. Explore today to make the most of your family and parenting journey in Norway.