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In Norway, whether you are wandering through the historic streets of Oslo, soaking up the university vibe in Bergen, or basking in the Arctic beauty of Tromsø, you will find a wide array of electronic stores. These range from popular retail chains like Elkjøp and Power to online electronic stores in Norway that deliver right to your doorstep.

This guide aims to help you understand the lay of the land when it comes to electronic stores in Norway. We will unravel the tapestry of Norway’s tech market, introduce you to the key players, and provide you with crucial tips and tricks to make your shopping experience as seamless as a smooth fjord’s surface.

Top Online Electronic Stores in Norway

As you begin your adventure into Norway’s electronics market, you’ll discover an array of mainstream stores, each offering a unique experience. Here are some of the main players you’ll encounter on your journey:


Elkjop online electronic store norway

Often the first stop for many Norwegians needing electronics, Elkjøp is the largest electronic retail chain in the country. With stores sprinkled like snowflakes across Norway’s picturesque landscape, it’s the go-to destination for a wide range of products from laptops, mobile phones, cameras, to household appliances. The breadth of choices can feel as vast as a Norwegian fjord, but fear not – their staff is usually proficient in English and eager to help you navigate your way.


NetonNet no electronic store Norway

Just as the Norwegian landscapes extend from bustling cities to serene countrysides, NetOnNet‘s offerings range from everyday appliances to niche tech gadgets. Its user-friendly website and competitive prices make it a favorite amongst many Norwegians and foreigners alike.


power no electronic store norway

A Scandinavian success story, Power is another leading name that often sparks in Norwegian conversations about electronics. They strive to bring the latest and most sought-after tech to the market, creating a buzz similar to a Viking ship arriving with precious cargo. Their motto, “Power to the people”, reflects their dedication to providing competitive prices.


Komplett no online electronic store

Although primarily an online platform, Komplett’s physical store in Sandefjord is a landmark not to be missed by any tech aficionado. Imagine a place where the serenity of a Norwegian forest meets the pulsating world of tech – that’s Komplett for you. With a comprehensive collection of electronics, it serves as a one-stop shop for many.


elon electronic store norway

A cozy alternative to the larger chains, Elon is a European cooperative with many independent stores throughout Norway. Shopping at Elons feels a bit like wandering into a small Norwegian village, where personalized service is at the heart of the experience. They offer a good selection of electronics, focusing on quality over quantity.

Digital Impuls

digital impuls electronic store norway

Digital Impuls is the dream destination for all PC enthusiasts, reminiscent of a modern-day treasure trove filled with everything from hardware components to gaming peripherals. Located in the vibrant city of Oslo, Digital Impuls stands out as a specialist shop catering to specific tech needs.

Whether you’re an expat setting up your Norwegian home, a student eager to get your hands on the newest gadgets, or a tourist hunting for a great tech souvenir to bring home, these stores cater to every need.

Second-Hand Electronics in Norway

Embracing the second-hand market in Norway can be as rewarding as discovering an off-the-beaten-track hiking trail. It’s not only kind to your wallet but also contributes to the country’s strong ethos of sustainability and circular economy. Here’s how to navigate this pre-loved landscape:


finn no online electronic second hand

Just as Norwegians love to explore their breathtaking outdoors, many love to explore the virtual aisles of Finn.no, Norway’s largest online marketplace. It’s here that you can find a wide variety of pre-loved electronics, from vintage turntables to barely used laptops. Remember to read the product descriptions carefully and feel free to message sellers with any questions – a little due diligence goes a long way in ensuring a successful purchase.

Facebook Marketplace

Much like a bustling community flea market, Facebook Marketplace offers a platform for locals and expats alike to buy and sell used electronics. Its location-based system makes it easy to find sellers in your local area, which can help you avoid shipping costs. Be sure to check seller profiles and reviews to ensure a safe transaction.

Basic Norwegian Phrases for Shopping

Imagine yourself navigating a bustling Norwegian market on a brisk, sunny day. You’re ready to make a purchase, but you stumble a bit when trying to communicate with the local vendor. Don’t fret; learning a few Norwegian phrases is like packing a trusty map for your shopping expedition – incredibly useful and sure to enhance your experience. Here are some handy phrases:

  • “Hvor mye koster det?” (How much does it cost?): This phrase will come in handy when price tags are missing or when you’re haggling at a flea market, an experience as thrilling as a ride down Norway’s steepest fjords.
  • “Har du denne i en annen farge/størrelse?” (Do you have this in another color/size?): Great for when you’re hunting for the perfect phone case or a pair of headphones that match your style, just like finding the perfect shade of sunset over a tranquil Norwegian lake.
  • “Har du noe billigere?” (Do you have something cheaper?): A polite way of asking for more budget-friendly options. It’s akin to asking for a less challenging trail when hiking up Norway’s majestic mountains.
  • “Kan jeg få en kvittering, vær så snill?” (Can I get a receipt, please?): Always a good idea to keep track of your purchases, just like keeping a journal of your Norwegian adventures.
  • “Takk for hjelpen!” (Thank you for your help!): A phrase as warm as a Norwegian wool sweater that shows your appreciation for the service.

With these phrases in your arsenal, you’re not just a tourist, student, or expat – you’re a resourceful adventurer ready to navigate the electrifying labyrinth of Norwegian electronic shopping!

What To Know Before Shopping

Stepping into the electrifying world of Norwegian electronics is like taking a winter dip in the Oslo fjord – it might be a bit shocking at first, but once you’re acclimatized, it’s a truly invigorating experience. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you embark on your shopping journey:

Understanding Norwegian Sales Tax (VAT)

Like enjoying a warming bowl of traditional Fårikål, getting to grips with Norway’s sales tax system is an integral part of your shopping experience. The price tags in Norwegian stores include Value Added Tax (VAT) of 25%. But good news for tourists – you’re eligible for a VAT refund on purchases over a certain limit if you’re leaving the European Economic Area within a specified timeframe. Just make sure to ask for a Tax-Free form when making your purchase, much like asking for the recipe after relishing a delicious local dish.

Price Comparisons and Sales

Norway has a reputation for being on the expensive side, much like the prized king crab. But don’t worry, there are ways to find a good deal. Websites like Prisjakt and Prisguiden are great tools to compare prices across different stores. Also, keep an eye out for sales events, especially around Christmas, Easter, and the start of the school year. Shopping during these periods is like enjoying the Norwegian midnight sun – you get a lot more than you’d expect!

Warranty and Return Policies

Understanding the warranty and return policies is like reading the safety instructions before going on a thrilling Northern Lights chase – it’s crucial and could save you a lot of hassle later on. In Norway, electronic goods typically come with a two-year warranty. It’s always good to clarify the details at the point of purchase, as these might vary. Return policies can also be generous, but remember, always keep your receipts.

With these insights, you’re now well-prepared to embark on your Norwegian shopping adventure. So, put on your shopping shoes (or ski boots if it’s winter), and get ready to explore the vibrant landscape of Norwegian electronics. Up next, we’ll guide you through the buzzing world of online shopping in Norway.


What is the biggest online electronic store in Norway?

Komplett is the biggest online electronics store in Norway, known for its wide product range and reliable service. Elkjop also has a substantial online presence, offering an extensive variety of electronics.

Are there options for buying second-hand electronics in Norway?

Absolutely! Platforms like Finn.no and Facebook Marketplace are popular for buying second-hand electronics, allowing you to find budget-friendly and sustainable options.

Are there any sales events or best times to buy electronics in Norway?

Yes, significant sales events often coincide with Christmas, Easter, and the start of the school year.

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