Dating Apps in Norway: The 6 Best Norwegian Dating Sites

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If you’re a foreigner, delving into Norway’s dating scene might feel like trying to navigate a ship without a compass—especially if you don’t speak the language!

We’re here to help you sail smoothly through the world of Norwegian dating apps. Whether you’re on the hunt for love, a delightful chat over a cup of kaffe, or just seeking to understand the cultural intricacies of dating in this beautiful part of the world, you’ve come to the right place.

Popular Dating Apps in Norway

Embarking on your romantic Nordic voyage and not sure which ship (or app) to set sail with? Fear not! We’ve got you covered. Here’s your trusty map to some of Norway’s most popular dating apps, making it easier than ever to navigate the tantalizing waters of the Norwegian dating scene. Anchors away!


EliteSingles Logo

Targeted towards educated professionals, EliteSingles offers a platform for those seeking meaningful, lasting relationships with like-minded individuals.

A platform tailored for educated professionals, EliteSingles emphasizes meaningful connections, pairing users based on comprehensive personality tests for deeper compatibility.


  • Targeted Audience: EliteSingles caters specifically to educated professionals, ensuring you meet like-minded individuals.
  • Quality Matches: The platform uses a comprehensive personality test to match users, leading to more compatible connections.
  • Serious Commitment: EliteSingles users often seek meaningful, long-term relationships.


  • Limited Scope: Being targeted specifically at professionals may limit the diversity of users you encounter.
  • Subscription Model: A premium subscription is required to access the site’s full features.
  • Smaller User Base: As it’s a niche platform, it might have fewer members compared to more generalized dating sites.

Match Dating Logo

A veteran in the online dating world, has a substantial Norwegian user base, making it a reliable choice for singles looking to mingle.

One of the online dating pioneers, boasts an extensive global user base, facilitating connections for singles seeking both casual and committed relationships.


  • Vast User Base: Being one of the pioneers in online dating, boasts a substantial number of users worldwide, including in Norway.
  • Diverse Profiles: With its extensive user base, you’re likely to find a wide variety of profiles, catering to various preferences and interests.
  • Proven Track Record: has been responsible for countless successful relationships and marriages over the years.


  • Paid Features: While signing up is free, many essential features require a paid subscription.
  • Overwhelming Choices: The vast number of profiles can be overwhelming, making it challenging to sift through potential matches.
  • Generic Approach: Unlike niche platforms, caters to a broad audience, which can sometimes make it hard to find specialized matches.


Tinder Logo

The Global Powerhouse. You’re probably familiar with this one. With its global presence, Tinder is also making waves in Norway.

With its iconic swipe mechanism, Tinder has revolutionized digital dating. Offering a mix of casual encounters and lasting connections, it’s a go-to app for a diverse user base worldwide.


  • Global Popularity: Being one of the most recognized dating apps worldwide, you’re sure to find a diverse range of profiles.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Its swipe mechanism makes it intuitive and fun to use.
  • Casual & Serious: Whether you’re looking for something light or a more committed relationship, you’ll find both on Tinder.


  • Superficial Matches: The swiping mechanism can sometimes lead to more surface-level connections.
  • Paid Premium Features: To maximize the app’s potential, there’s a need for a premium subscription.
  • Overwhelming Volume: The sheer number of users might make it hard to stand out or find meaningful matches.


Sukker Dating

The Norwegian Sweet Spot. Translating to “Sugar”, Sukker is as sweet as it sounds for those seeking local romance.

Proudly Norwegian, provides a localized dating experience. With detailed profiles and a focus on genuine connections, it stands as a premier dating site in Norway.


  • Localized Experience: Tailored for the Norwegian audience, you’re more likely to find matches with local nuances in mind.
  • Detailed Profiles: Profiles on are comprehensive, leading to more informed matches.
  • Trustworthy: Being a premier Norwegian site, it has a reputation for genuine profiles.


  • Language Barrier: As it’s mainly tailored for Norwegians, some sections might not be in English.
  • Subscription Model: Full access requires a subscription, which might be a barrier for some.
  • Limited to Norway: If you’re interested in meeting people outside of Norway, this platform might not be the best choice.


badoo logo

Sitting comfortably between a dating site and social networking, Badoo lets you cast a wider net.

An international platform with a strong presence in multiple countries, Badoo merges social networking with dating, emphasizing local connections and user authenticity through its verification features.


  • Global Presence: Badoo is internationally recognized, ensuring a wide user base even in Norway.
  • Profile Verification: Uses photo and social media verification to ensure genuine users.
  • Location-Based Matches: Helps you find people nearby, making real-life meetups more feasible.


  • Mixed Reviews: Some users report encountering more fake profiles compared to other apps.
  • In-app Purchases: While the app is free, certain features and visibility improvements require payment.
  • Generic Platform: Badoo is broad in its approach, which might not cater to specific dating preferences.


Moteplassen logo

Specifically crafted for singles in Norway, it’s like the cozy cabin retreat of dating apps.

Catering specifically to the Norwegian dating scene, Moteplassen offers a platform for singles to connect based on detailed search criteria, ensuring meaningful and local matches.


  • Norwegian Specialized: Tailored specifically for the Norwegian audience, increasing the likelihood of finding local matches.
  • Detailed Search: The platform allows for very specific search criteria, enhancing the match quality.
  • Reliability: Being one of the established Norwegian platforms, it has a trustworthy reputation.


  • Limited to Norway: Those looking for international connections might find it restrictive.
  • Membership Fees: To utilize the platform fully, a premium membership is often necessary.
  • Language Barrier: As it’s tailored mainly for a Norwegian audience, non-Norwegian speakers might find some challenges.

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Why Use a Dating App in Norway?

Why Use a Dating App in Norway

Alright, let’s tackle the Viking elephant in the room: Why should you, a fabulous foreigner in Norway, consider using a dating app? Well, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Language Barrier Be Gone!

Sure, you might’ve picked up “Takk” (Thank you) and “Hei” (Hello) by now, but when it comes to flirting, the intricacies of language can turn an intended compliment into a hilarious mix-up. On dating apps, you’ve got the magical buffer of time (and maybe even Google Translate) to ensure your message shines in all its intended glory. Plus, many Norwegians on these platforms speak or at least understand English. So, rejoice, and let the texting games begin!

Fishing in a Wider Pond

Norway is beautiful, vast, and sometimes, a bit sparse. Depending on where you’re stationed, meeting new people organically might be a tad challenging. Dating apps widen your horizons, allowing you to connect with folks from Bergen to Oslo, Tromsø to Stavanger, and everywhere in between. It’s like having a magical portal to meet a host of exciting individuals at the swipe of a finger!

Find Your Kind of People

Looking for someone who shares your passion for Norwegian black metal? Or perhaps a fellow aficionado of Kvikklunsj chocolate bars? With dating apps, you can filter, search, and find individuals who share your unique interests. It’s not just about romance, it’s about connecting over shared experiences, be it your love for the northern lights or an undying appreciation for brunost (brown cheese).

Beyond the Boreal Bliss

Yes, you’re in Norway to soak in its ethereal beauty and perhaps its education or job opportunities. But building relationships, friendships, or even just having a coffee buddy can turn your Norwegian stint from wonderful to absolutely magical. Dating apps can be a bridge to not just potential partners but also meaningful friendships.

So, whether you’re on a semester abroad, embarking on a new job, or simply here to witness the majesties of the midnight sun, dating apps offer a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be unlocked.

Tips for Success on Dating in Norway

Tips for Success on Dating in Norway

Embrace Your Inner Viking – Be Authentic

Being genuine in a land where the ethos is built on authenticity goes a long way. Be it your photos, your bio, or your messages, let the real you shine through. Remember, there’s nothing more charming than a person comfortable in their own skin (or in this case, profile).

A Sprinkle of Norwegian – It’s Magic!  

While it’s not necessary to be fluent, throwing in a friendly “Hvordan går det?” (How’s it going?) or a cheeky “Du er søt” (You’re cute) can leave a lasting impression. It shows you’re making an effort, and trust us, it’ll be appreciated!

Know the Nordic Norms

Dating in Norway might be more laid-back than what you’re used to. It’s not uncommon for Norwegians to prefer casual meet-ups before diving into the “official date” territory. So, if someone invites you for a hike or a coffee rather than a candlelit dinner, don’t be surprised. It’s just the Norwegian way!

Natural is the New Black

While it might be tempting to upload a highly edited photo with perfect lighting, Norwegians tend to appreciate the natural look. A candid snap of you hiking, enjoying a local festival, or even indulging in some delicious kanelbolle might garner more interest than you’d think!

Patience is Key (and Kind)

Remember, not everyone will be a match, and that’s okay! Whether you’re looking for friendship or romance, patience is crucial. Treat every interaction as a learning experience, and always be kind – the Norse gods are watching!

Dive into Cultural Exchanges

Your unique background is an asset! Sharing stories about your homeland or discussing the differences and similarities between your culture and the Norwegian way can make for fascinating conversations. After all, what’s more, romantic than a rendezvous of two worlds?

Lastly, Have Fun

Dating should be a joyous adventure! Whether you’re in it for the long run or to experience the thrill of meeting new people in a foreign land, keep the spirit of fun alive. After all, in the land of myths and fjords, every connection is a story waiting to unfold.

Fun Date Ideas in Norway for the Adventurous At Heart

Fun Date Ideas in Norway

Alright, thrill-seekers and romantics, buckle up (or should we say, strap on those snow boots?)! Norway, with its ethereal fjords, magnificent Northern Lights, and snowy slopes, is like a treasure chest waiting to be opened. Whether it’s your first date or fiftieth, these ideas are bound to bring a sprinkle of Nordic magic to your rendezvous. Let’s dive in!

1. Chasing the Northern Lights

Imagine holding hands under a mesmerizing dance of greens, pinks, and purples. Head to Tromsø or the Lofoten Islands during winter months and let the auroras paint your date night canvas.

2. Cosy Cabin Retreat

Rent a traditional Norwegian cabin (hytte) in the mountains. With just the crackling fireplace, cups of hot gløgg, and each other’s company, it’s the ultimate ‘koselig’ experience.

3. Skiing in Lillehammer

Whether you’re pros or just beginners, skiing (or even snowboarding) down the frosty slopes can be an exhilarating date. And if you both tumble? Well, there’s always a laugh and a cute snow selfie!

4. Midnight Sun Marathon

If you both share a love for running, why not sign up for the Midnight Sun Marathon in Tromsø? It’s not just a race but a breathtaking experience, running under the midnight sun.

5. Oslo Street Art Walk

Meander through the streets of Oslo, discovering vibrant murals and street art. It’s both an artistic and intimate journey, punctuated with stops at cosy cafes.

6. Viking Ship Museum Date

Transport yourselves back in time by visiting the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Dive into tales of voyages, myths, and legends. And hey, why not end the day by envisioning a fun Viking-themed date in the future?

7. Fjord Kayaking

For those who aren’t afraid of a little water splashing, kayaking through the stunning fjords of Western Norway is a must. It’s both serene and romantic, with the majestic cliffs and calm waters around.

8. A Stroll Through Bergen’s Bryggen

With its colorful wooden houses and cobbled streets, Bryggen offers a historical yet whimsical backdrop for your date. Finish off with some seafood at the local fish market.

9. Sauna & Ice Bathing Experience

Heat things up in a traditional Norwegian wood-fired sauna. And if you’re feeling particularly bold, follow it up with a refreshing plunge into the icy waters. It’s a heart-pumping experience you won’t forget!

10. Camp Under the Stars

Head to Northern Norway in summer, pitch a tent, and gaze at the endless night sky together. With the midnight sun, it’s a whole new camping experience.

Norway, with its enchanting landscapes and myriad of activities, promises dates that are not just moments but memories etched in time. So go ahead, pick your adventure, and let the Norwegian wilderness be the witness to your romantic tales.

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